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Whats New?

Well for starters, a lot. The last time you saw a blog post was back in 2019. That isn't exactly what I intended but life got busy. Well, as busy as it can during a global pandemic. But a lot has changed.

I hope that this finds you well and in good health. This year has been busy with full time work at thehospital and all things Young Life. As many of you know I have been involved with Young Life for the

last five years, four of which have been as a leader in Wenatchee. Over those five years I have been able

to experience being a camper, a leader, on Summer Staff and most recently as a Summer Intern at

Washington Family Ranch in Central Oregon. Putting words to my time in Oregon this summer is hard. What isn't hard is loving and growing with 37 new friends and spending three months in the desert. This summer was one of the most challenging and rewarding summers of my life and I feel blessed to serve the Holy Ground of Washington Family Ranch.

So, whats new?

I am happy to announce that I have the opportunity to continue to work with Young Life as a yearlong

intern at their camp in Glen Spey, NY — Lake Champion. I’m incredibly thankful and beyond excited for

this next chapter in my life. I know I am following God’s plan for my life and am finding such peace in

what this next adventure has to offer. This year has been hard working in healthcare and surrounded by so

much loss and division. Thankfully, I serve a God that is bigger than my doubts and continuously adds to

my wildest ambitions. I can see that Gods great timing has come into full effect as this opportunity will

incorporate aspects of who I am, the experiences I’ve had and will come together for a common goal.

Serving His Kingdom.

The mission of Young Life introduces adolescents to Jesus and an opportunity for them to grow in their

faith. Young Life leaders walk through life with middle school and high school students sharing what life

with Jesus looks like. The mission of Young Life Camping and now my mission is to prepare a place

where the gospel can be presented in an excellent and extraordinary fashion. Lake Champion is just one

of the many Young Life Camp experiences where students are taken out of their comfort zones, out of the

busy world, and placed in the center of the Lords creation giving them an opportunity to hear the gospel

in a new way. You know me and you know my eager heart to serve. It has been such an honor to serve

with Wenatchee Young Life, Washington Family Ranch, Malibu Club, and Woodleaf over the years.

Serving at Lake Champion is a continuation of that passion to serve and to prepare a place for the Lord to

work and be seen. I am continually humbled and honored that the Lord would choose to use me in this

next stage of life and in His ultimate plan.

My team and I would love all support, encouragement and prayers as we step into this journey together.

Amanda, Luke, Sarah Morgan, Malaki, and myself.

Thank you and keep and eye out for updates.

Happy Adventures :)


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