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To The People & Places I Miss Most.

As the weeks have turned into months, I find myself content in the decision of moving to New York. After living in the same valley for twenty four years, I have finally left for longer than the time elapsed for a quick vacation to happen. There are so many simple things in this life. So many things that are familiar, known, and recognizable. The valley thats nestled against the east slopes of the cascades will continue to hold my roots. Growing up in one place has been a blessing, but as I got ready to leave I found that its a curse. I’ve become so attached to countless places. As I’ve become attached to a new place over the years, I plant my roots. As I spend more time in that location, my roots grow deeper. If the land were to be turned over in Wenatchee I can guarantee that my roots would be as strong as the Redwoods, spreading across the land, growing deeper at my favorite spots. A friend of mine, Tyson Motsenbocker wrote a song entitled ‘Can’t Come Home Again’. At one of his concerts he talked about the songs meaning and how when you leave the familiar places that you’ve gown up with, they continue to grow, change and evolve just as they have done while you were there. Although this song has a negative connotation attached to it, it is such a beautiful song with such soul. It reminds me that there is so much grace within growth, allowing these places to be as they have been for the last twenty four years. I know that as time elapses while I am gone, we will each grow in our own separate ways and that when I make my return it won’t be the same valley that I left, and I won't be the same person either. Yes, it will be in the exact same location, but things will seemingly be different. There will be new faces and some may be gone, the landscape and skyline will be different, and yet at the same time they will be the same. I will be the same me, but parts of me will be different. The Wenatchee Valley will continue to hold the roots that were planted there both by myself, travelers and locals alike.

Yes, being in New York has exceeded all my expectations and is an amazing experience full of memories and growth and new experiences that will last for the rest of my life, but it’s especially hard sometimes when I can’t share it with the people who mean the most to me. There are many people I wish to share these memories with, and sometimes Facetime and letters just don't do it justice.


Although I seem to be calling you a lot more than usual, I really want to tell you how much I miss and love you both. I also would like to thank you for all of the support you have provided me throughout life whether it’s something small like a home-cooked meal and doing my laundry, to larger things like cheering me on from the audience and always being the loudest ones there, no matter the circumstances. It’s especially appreciated and even more evident as I am miles away from home and it still feels like time hasn't passed. You have taught me everything I know and stand for and have raised me to be strong and independent. But no matter what, I will always be your little girl, and I will always need you. Thank you for everything, and I mean everything. For following, encouraging and supporting me in every adventure I embark on, for loving me even from 2,000 miles away, and for believing in me. I know you are only a phone call away, but I know how much more it will mean when I get to give you the biggest hug. I know I wouldn’t be here without you. I miss and love you and can’t wait to see your smiling faces soon.


(You know who you are)

I love you, and I don't say it enough. No matter how many miles apart we may be now, you are the ones who have guided me through this wild and crazy thing called life. I would be lost without you. You are the people who line the walls of my bedroom with our hilarious photos and wild memories. I know we are growing up, and our lives have taken us away from home, but nobody can replace the bonds we have shared. You all are still the first people I text when something big or small happens in life that I am just dying to share and being far makes me appreciate you all so much more. When we step off the planes, buses, trains or cars, I know I immediately have a place to fall back into with each of you. Thank you for the countless memories, laughs, tears and hugs we have shared to get us to where we are today. I miss you all so much, I'll see you soon!


These New York people keep saying 'Mountains' but I have yet to see you. I think I miss you the most, but don't tell mom and dad. We've been through a lot the last twenty-four years, but in the end, I know we'll always come back to one another. You and I have an undying love that revolves around our matching unbridled passion for adventure. Thus far, it seems to have worked well for us both. Granted, our love affair hasn’t been without its ups and downs. Remember that time I thought it was going to be an easy up and over to Lake Clara from the top of Mission Ridge and you purposely led me astray down the wrong trail? Yeah, I’m sure you don’t but I sure do! I thought you’d never lie to me but instead, I ended up in a rock field, veggie belaying down a cliff, out of water and on my last three almonds. From skiing to hiking you never seem to disappoint me. I'll make my way back to you.

A friend of mine recently shared this message of encouragement with me;

"When you get to the dog days, and you're at your wits end feeling burned out and wondering why you're in your current position, and wanting the comfort of "home". Stop and take a minute to look around you and watch the kids for a minute. Sure, we are away from the comforts of our normal lives, family, and friends. The proverbial familiarity of it all. But in that moment, look around at those kids causing a ruckus and having the times of their lives. And look around to your fellow intern class/group. Remember there's familiarity of all being in that moment and time together. Battling for, praying for, serving meals to, mowing lawns for, folding sheets for the smallest chance for that one kid to see the Holy Spirt being represented in those minute and what may seem mundane tasks. Just remember what you, other interns, staff, and leaders are doing is absolutely amazing. Your family and friends, near and far, are praying for you all."

It’s completely normal to miss the people who have surrounded you in your everyday life for so long. We all have those special people in our lives that make going home that much sweeter. Now it’s time to live life and enjoy the separate life you live, but at the same time, keeping all these amazing people fresh in your mind and heart.

Song of the Blog: Can't Come Home Again- Tyson Motsenbocker // Days I Will Remember- Tyrone Wells


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