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A Sliver in Time.

Every new year that we encounter contains the same number of days and the same number of hours, but its what you do with those days and those hours that make life as a whole truly count. I've survived almost twenty one years on this earth and each year is so vastly different than the last. This year has been one the the greatest and most difficult years of my life. I've made some hard decisions and some very rewarding ones too- like dropping out of college to work full time at Mission Ridge (my forever dream job), becoming a YoungLife leader in Wenatchee (my dream job in its purest form) and leaving home to embark on my new adventure here in Seattle. Through it all I've learned that everything in this life of ours is temporary; all the moments, feelings and people we come in contact with. They will come and they will go. Although this is a sobering thought I have learned to find ways to make all of these things last as long as possible. To do just that we need to take one day at a time and truly live in the in the moment that He has hand crafted for us. (Yes, I know this is a lot easier said than done, but-) The moments that we have and the people we spend them with are so breathtakingly beautiful and they only last for so long. The moments that we get to spend here on earth are so special, so 'one of a kind'. We will never relive the same exact moment more than once. The feelings that we have are 100% valid as well as the feelings of others. The pure joy, the overwhelming feeling of love, and laughter- as well as the feelings of sadness, anger and depression; they are all valid. It is important in these times, when we are feeling these feelings to remember who the people are that we surround ourselves with. We need to ask ourselves: Do they bring me joy and happiness? Do they help me better myself? Do I help better them? Do I bring them joy and happiness? It has been hard being away from my family and friends over here in Seattle, and finding connections with people my own age hasn't exactly been the easiest thing either. I keep having to reminding myself that everything in life comes in sets of twos- life and death, pain and joy, salt and sugar, me and you -- or as I like to say it; me and Him. I've found myself leaning on and trusting in God more and more throughout the last two months. Through my times of joy, praising Him as I climb to the mountain tops, and through the dark times when I'm seemingly lost in the valley of my own thoughts. If you've read my last few posts you will get a theme of 'content' that spills out through my words. This is true, but I have had to fight within myself for it, and pray for it in order to receive it. I've had to fully open and empty myself in order to let God fill me. We often run into slivers of time in our life that are hard, but life following Jesus is beautiful and everlasting. Looking at my own journey this year I have been asking myself a series of questions: Where was I courageous or not? What is the most courageous thing I have done? When did these things inform my faith? With the small slivers of time that we are given it is important to remember to follow Jesus where we are right now. It doesn't work to follow him as a hobby, but as a full time commitment. We have to partner with God in order to become our true selves for we are disciples before we are christians. What matters in life is making the time to sit and meet with Jesus daily and thank Him for all He has done in and through our lives. In rest and solitude you will find the restoration you have been longing for. I hope that you long for the slivers of time within your busy, crazy lives to sit and be still, to feel the presence of God and reflect on all the areas you have seen Him move and work in your lives. He is always working, always pursuing, always loving. Stop, reflect, listen, pray, and thank Him.

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