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What Does It Really Mean To Be Blessed?

This is such a broad question that holds infinite answers. You can be and feel blessed with the people around you, the coffee that you drink, the ability to breathe on your own, skiing or snowboarding, to have a roof over your head; you name it and you can be blessed by it. But have you ever stopped and thought about the many blessings that you have in your life? Have you ever taken a step back to fully see all the seeds that God has planted? How many times have we overlooked the small details in our lives focusing too much on the bigger picture of life? I know I certainly have. I've found myself lost and confused when the big picture I have in my mind doesn't match up with where I am at right now. I've learned that I have to remind myself that if the small steps don't lead in the same direction, I will never make it there. Genesis 26 talks about a man named Isaac and the many blessings God has given him, and the many times the devil attempted to corrupt his heart. As I read this chapter I found that we all need an Isaac in our lives, even if we need to be one for ourselves. Isaac was told many times to quit when times got hard or something didn't work out. God doesn't say "run away from your problems", rather He tells us"I've put you here for a reason. Stay". God planted different seeds of hope, life, encouragement, and perseverance in his life. God wants to tell all of us just how blessed we really are. Although looking for the blessings in our lives during the dark times can feel like looking for a mustard seed in a hay stack; as we become more and more aware of the blessings that get instilled in our lives, the more our faith gets tested. There are countless seeds that get planted in our lives, sometimes without us even knowing it. The other day I was told 'hurt people hurt people' and 'loved people love people'. I encourage you to ask yourself if your wells are wells of love or hate? Or rather, intention or discouragement? At times we may need to dig up a few wells in our lives to get back to the roots of our faith and fill others in order to return our focus to God. In order to fully receive the peace and love of God we need to learn how to do the dirty work of letting go of the earthly things we hold on to and dig them out of our hearts. We need to learn how to count our blessings, not our problems. To count your own blessings, not some else's. And to always count what God has already planned for us. It is time to fill that well and start something new! All of this may be scary to do, but it is such a freeing process to go through. The bible talks about fear and how it is a bad thing. Fear is a gift- it is a moment where you can feel God at work in your life, where He says "do not fear, I will bless you." Genesis 26: 24 says "Do not be afraid, for I am with you and will bless you." Galatians 4:28 says "and you, dear brothers and sisters, are children of the promise, just like Isaac." We need to put aside the argument, hostility, greed and lust that leads to fear in our lives. I encourage you to live a life that makes your enemies say "I want what you have!" To ask God to move into your life and change where you are right now. You may be saying, "but I'm so blessed with where I am at right now." The God of the universe, the same God who created the moon and the stars and grass and the sound of laughter and music also created you; and He has such an amazing plan for you and your life. You may say "well I have a 20 year plan already in place, I know where I'm going, I can see it now", the beauty behind that is that wether you know it or not, God already has your whole life planned out. He knows who you are going to marry, how many kids you will have, what your coffee order will be tomorrow, who you will meet, and who you will say goodbye to. Your faith in Jesus goes further than you know. When the enemy comes, say "No. I am blessed. You can have this, God will give me better." Yes, it is a lot easier said than done, but when those words leave your lips the wells in your life start to overflow. God is said to be our living water. You can have a well in your life, but what good is it if it doesn't have water? It is in turn just a very deep hole in the ground. As we draw closer and closer to Jesus, he fills our wells with water, supplying our thirst, and giving us life. As 2018 comes to a close I encourage you to dig deep and find the wells in your life that you either need to fill, dig, or supply with water.

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