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I'm Not In A Hurry.

So I missed last weeks entry. But I'm okay with that. Instead of me scrapping together some half minded words, and rushing to meet an invisible deadline I set for myself; I told myself that I shouldn't be in a hurry. This blog isn't my whole life, but rather a place for me to share and reflect on my life and how God walks with me. I needed some time to stop and reflect for myself. I don't usually take the time when it is handed to me, but this time something within me said the time was now. 10 weeks. I've been in Seattle for 10 long, joyful and beautiful weeks. Although I'm still not sure when I'll be headed back home to Wenatchee, I am so blessed to have had the time I was given to spend here with family. I wasn't in a hurry to move. I didn't plan for this to happen, but I knew that from the beginning of this He knew every step I would take. This last week I've had a lot of mixed emotions about a lot of things. My time here in Seattle, returning home to Wenatchee and how I feel I have grown from this experience or lack there of.


It is so easy to say "I don’t have time". But its important to remember how often Jesus stopped and listened, stop and noticed or just simply stopped. There are countless times in our life that simply slip through the cracks and go unnoticed due to the constant pull of go-go-go that society seemingly requires. It has become so accustomed in our routines that it goes unnoticed. I question how often in our days we truly can slow down and take the time to meet Jesus right where we are? Could it be in the coffee line as we wait for our perfect brew, in the traffic jam as we ask for patience, or as we lay in bed at night reflecting on our day. These may seem like small slivers of time, and we may think they have little meaning, but as a whole they truly add up. God doesn’t care how we come to Him, but that we come to Him in general. As I reflect on all the places I’ve been and all the things I’ve done over the last year it makes my head spin. A lot can happen in 365 days. In fact, last year I started my second year of college and dropped out a quarter later. I started working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and entered my fifth season working at Mission Ridge. I served at Woodleaf- A Young Life camp for the first time. I traveled to Jamaica to see His beautiful creations in another part of the world. I’ve experienced heart break and felt my heart grow tremendously. Although this is only a small glimpse of the year that has gown my faith in His love I am so blessed to walk along side God and meet Him right in the middle of it all, even when it feel like a mess. As I look into the future and pray about what I envision for my life I say ‘I’m not in a hurry’ and its important to say that we shouldn’t be. Right now I’m living my best life. I’m focused on myself and my life with Him. I’m falling in love with who I am and even more in love with Him. I’m excited for where I’m headed, and am excited for whats next. I have so many goals, countless dreams, endless ambition and am constantly finding new passions. I’m learning to be spontaneous and I’m learning to take new risks. I am constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. You see— right now, I’m chasing the things that make me happy. And to be honest— my life is filled with so much peace, so much growth, so much faith and so much hope. Right now, I’m just living my life— and theres absolutely nothing or no one that can take that away from me. As I find the small brief moments in my day, I give every second to God knowing he will take full advantage of them. So as I pray for you I ask that God is able to speak to you in the craziness and the hustle of your days and that you are able to find peace in responding to Him, for we should not be worried or stressed about what is to come, for He already has it planned. He knows every thought you've ever had, He sees your soul. He knows you better than you know yourself. The true beauty of it all is that at the end of the day we still choose to lean on and rely on Him to get us through the day for we trust the path that He has paved for us and where it is headed, even when we can’t see the end of the road. That is faith. So, don’t be in a hurry especially when it comes to His spirit, His presence and His voice. He died on the cross with you in His heart so you could have and experience this beautiful, wonderful and glorious life He has created for us. Take a breath and take a step, He is right there next to you theres no need to run. He's not in a hurry. You don't need to outrun God, He's always with you.

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