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New Places, New Faces.

I've found myself surrounded by new people and in new places this last month. I feel as though I've been playing one big game of hide-and-seek. I've been trying to find myself and my own special place in this new big city, and at the end of each day I am always reminded that He is always seeking me. A little over a month ago I moved in with my brother and his family. If you read my 'Headed West' post this is the follow up.

As I've made this decision, He has told me that this is exactly where I needed to be this summer. Every morning I am told that it is a new season, and I am finally ready for harvest. I have spent countless years preparing my soul for this exact moment. Although I've found struggles along the way, (I knew I would too) I've been trying to find people my age to associate with, but I know that they will emerge in just the right time.

I am no longer in the hot, dry climate that I've grown up used to back in Wenatchee, but I have to admit that the city life is a nice change of pace in this season I'm in. I have had some really good highs as I experience some 'firsts' with my family, but I've also had some lows where I question if I'm really good enough to be here. I'm constantly surrounded by bright lights, big city buildings and teslas. The funny thing is is that every big city is the same. It doesn't matter if you are in Seattle, San Francisco, or New York one thing is always the same: the materialistic draw. No, I don't have the newest tesla; I'm driving my moms Subaru Outback proudly representing my Younglife sticker on the back. I don't have the fancy Michael Kors bag that every college girl has; I rock my Kavu bag with pride. I will also probably be underdressed for every occasion; I honestly never know what "casual" means in the city. Is jeans and a t-shirt acceptable? Can I still wear my crocs? How does one dress when its 60 degrees in the morning and 85 by 1 o'clock? And lastly hair will continue to be an even bigger mess due to the humidity, but again; I am found in Him. I have learned to truly accept myself for who I am because the game of hide-and-seek is over. I have found Him, and He has found me just the way I am. As I close my eyes at night and reflect on my days here I picture Jesus walking from town to town experiencing each place for possibly the first time- seeing so many new faces along the way. The most satisfying thing is though, as He moved from one place to the next He did it with such Grace. A wide smile, open arms, and blessings abounding. I am not Jesus, but I can surly try to live each day like He would, even in the hard times. I am so thankful and content to be right where I am today. I have spent countless nights praying, I have sat in living rooms of youth pastors and church leaders seeking their guidance as He whispers in my ear "a blessing this big takes a little extra time. Be patient." So, when you are feeling lost, in a new place and surrounded by new faces, just remember that there is always someone familiar right there with you.

I have made a new personal goal to post about my time here once a week. I realize that I might not have a lot to say some weeks, and probably too much on others. But every Monday I will make every effort share about my adventure here in Seattle, everything from how God continues to peruse me and shape my soul, new music choices, the endless food options, how the coffee isn't that great compared to Cafe Mela, and new friendships. I miss Wenatchee and all the roots that it holds for me, but as my branches stretch and grow so does my faith in Him that I have become Gracefully Known through this long deep process of moving here. So, I'll see ya next week. Cheers.

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