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The Familiar Places-

As the months have whittled down into days, I find myself seemingly content. After living in the same valley for twenty years, I am finally leaving for longer than the time elapsed for a quick vacation to happen. There are so many simple things in this life. So many things that are familiar, known, and recognizable. The valley thats nestled against the east slopes of the cascades will continue to hold my roots. Growing up in one place has been a blessing, but as I get ready to leave I find that its a curse. I’ve become so attached to countless places. As I’ve become attached to a new place over the years, I plant my roots. As I spend more time in that location, my roots grow deeper. If the land were to be turned over in Wenatchee I can guarantee that my roots would be as strong as the Redwoods, spreading across the land, growing deeper at my favorites. My dear friend Tyson Motsenbocker wrote a song entitled ‘Can’t Come Home Again’. At one of his concerts he talked about the songs meaning and how when you leave the familiar places that you’ve gown up with, they continue to grow, change and evolve just as they have done while you were there. Although this song has a negative connotation attached to it, it is such a beautiful song with such soul. It reminds me that there is so much grace within growth, allowing these places to be as they have been for the last twenty years. I know that as time elapses while I am gone, we will each grow in our own separate ways and that when I make my return it won’t be the same valley that I grew up in. Yes, it will be in the exact same location, but things will seemingly be different. There will be new faces and some may be gone, the landscape and skyline will be different, and yet at the same time they will be the same. They will continue to hold the roots that were planted there both by you, travelers and locals alike.

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