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The Traveler.

There are a lot of things that we try to understand in this life of ours. Things that we try to wrap our minds around. We have picked up so many things along the way through out our lifetime. And we hold a tight grip to each them. Our arms are full, and yet we still want to carry more. More, more, more. But what if we were to drop it all and pick up one thing. What if that was the most important thing in life? How would it affect us? Would we lose our strength or become stronger? How would we change through the eyes of others? Would we become humbled or would we think we are superior to others? The load that we carry tells a vast story. The bags that we carry, how we keep them packed and overstuffed. Our story isn’t in black and white, but in the full spectrum. It’s hard to picture. Our arms full, loads and loads on our back and shoulders. Packs upon packs, bags upon bags. The weight is too much to handle at times, but we just continue to tell ourselves “we’ve made it this far, why can’t we run the full race?”. The race is hard and long. Full of hills and valleys, deserts and jungles, darkness and light. We haven’t had the proper training to compete, we lack the “proper skill” and yet we still keep pushing forward. We don’t know what we’re running from, but we’ve been running for as long as we can remember. From one day to the next we are in a new state, from the underground city scene of New York, to the calm beaches of Hawaii, to the peaceful gardens of Japan. We travel along winding paths, picking and choosing our baggage along the way. Our paths cross with other wandering travelers and we may trade or barter off the luggage on our backs for what they have. Perhaps, if we’re lucky we’ll travel along side one another for a while. Sharing our bags. And if we’re even more lucky, we’ll lighten our load. We’ll drop our bags and continue on the journey of life. One step at a time.

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