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Finding Peace.

“Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquil.” We try so hard to find even the smallest sliver of peace in our lives. But what if its constantly surrounding us? As it lays upon our sleeve as we pace back and forth wearing parallel tracks in the hardwood floor. As the sun sets casting colors of amber, amethyst, and tangerine as we continue to stay up as the colors fade from periwinkle to sapphire and eventually charcoal. Or as the gentle breeze rolls off the mountains carrying the scents of honeysuckle, magnolia, and fresh cut wheat all while we look in the mirror and continue to cry. Peace is hard to adhere to. Like oil and vinegar. Two separate entities fighting against their personal properties. We are the vinegar, bitter to the taste and harsh to the scent. Peace is the oil. Smooth and easy. Able to enhance whatever it comes in contact with. Wether it be adding that extra sheen of glimmer, or the accent of simplicity. Peace is always waiting around the corner for the two of you to finally defy the laws of chemistry and mix evenly. To overwhelmingly become one and embrace each other as a whole. As the earthly melodies clash and mend, creating a low steady humming with deep base beats that pulses in sync with our souls.

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