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I'm Headed West.

I’ve been thinking about changes a lot. I’ve been thinking about who I am, who I want to be, and who I was this time last year. I know I was a lot more afraid, and I’m proud to say I am not that same person anymore. I was anxiously waiting for a call from someone I knew was never going to come. I was living in constant anxiety, fear and stress. After persistent prayer I finally made the call for myself. I was finally able to step up without looking back. I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be, but I knew regardless of what it was, I was a changed person because of it. I don’t know exactly when I changed, or how, but I know at some point, between cutting strings, escaping cages, and rebuilding my wings; I set myself free. I’ve learned to slow down and be present with where I am in life. Where I’m at right now and who I’m with. The people around me who have been able to support and encourage me over the last year and teach me so many valuable life lessons. For me to become more comfortable being uncomfortable. To be certain about being uncertain. And most importantly I’ve learned to not shrink back because something isn’t easy, but to push back and make more room in the space between I can’t and I can.

I’m not in a hurry. I don’t need to find a career, go to school, or start my life right away- my life started twenty years ago. Although some may disagree with my choices and how I manage my time, I’ve found so much joy, peace and overall happiness with how this last year has shaped my soul. I’ve become overwhelmingly content with how my life is shaping out to be. I’ve been able to lead High School Young Life and watch so many kids hear about Jesus and commit to living their life for Him. I’ve been surrounded by so many beautiful souls with College Young Life. We have all been through a lot this last year. We’ve cried, laughed, danced, sang, worshiped and dived head first into the His word. So in this next chapter, I’ll be leaving soon. I’ll be flying free, and I’ll be growing up. I don’t know for how long, but I’m starting a new chapter. As it starts in black and white, I know I’ll find my way, I’ll plant my feet and the colors of this world will guide me where I need to be. Wether that be Seattle, I don’t know. Wenatchee is and always will be home. I’ve been blessed with the best support system I could ever have between my family, Awaken Church, Young Life, Mission Ridge and my friends. I’ll miss the beautiful Wenatchee sunsets, the summer heat, having hiking trails 10 minuets away, my cat, skiing, Young Life Monday’s, College YL Thursday’s, my beautiful residents at Highgate Senior Living, floating the river, the dry air, the panoramic view of the valley, and last but not least, my loving parents. I can’t believe that its finally time for me to spread my wings. I’m beyond grateful for where I’m at, and so excited for where I’m going.

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